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California Governor Signs Bill to Protect Temp Workers

Employers will be legally responsible if their temp agencies and subcontractors put workers at risk or withhold wages.

California Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday signed into law a bill holding the state’s employers legally responsible for wage and safety violations committed by their subcontractors and temp agencies.

With the new law, California will have some of the country’s farthest-reaching protections for temporary workers, among the fastest growing and most vulnerable segments of the workforce.

The legislation was introduced this year after a series of stories by ProPublica documented abuses and dangers faced by legions of blue-collar temp workers, California labor officials said. It was overwhelmingly supported by lawmakers.

The growing reliance on temp work in recent years has led to complaints from workers nationwide who say they’ve been cheated on wages or ordered to work in unsafe situations. But their complaints had little impact as temp agencies blamed the companies that hired them and those companies, in turn, faulted the agencies [Continue Reading]