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Union Label: The AFL-CIO Consumer Guide

Unionlabel2The Union Label and Service Trades Department, AFL-CIO, was founded in 1909 to promote the products and services produced in America by union members — especially those products and services identified by a union label, shop card, store card and service button. We are supported by per capita payments from AFL-CIO National and International Unions. (Click on image above to find out more information about Union Made products)

2015 UAW Union Made Vehicle Consumer Guide


Unite Here’s Hotel Guide

HWR2Click on the Image above and you will be able to search for Union hotels in your area or for the next you are planning a vacation. Unite Here also has a free app that you can download to your Smart Phone and use their interactive map to search for hotels that are union as well as one’s that are under boycott

United Farm Workers LabelsUFWClick on the image above and you will be linked to UFW’s list of union made wines and produce.

                                                    Machinist Made…Coming Soon
We are currently in the process of developing a list of products and services made and provided by our Machinist Brothers and Sisters.