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Rasmussen Retires; not sure he’s ready

chris 2 picnicAfter working as a Business Rep for the members of Local 1584 for almost 14 years, and a machinist at Amot Controls for 27 years before that, Chris Rasmussen retired as of January 31, 2014. “I may be retiring, but I will definitely stay active with Local 1584 doing legislative and organizing work,” he says. Rasmussen adds that after being very active with the union for almost 30 years—before becoming a rep, he was Amot’s chief shop steward for more than 15 years— it’s hard to think about moving on. “I’ve definitely got second thoughts, but it’s a done deal now.”

WChris March (2)hen asked what was best about being a Rep, Rasmussen had several answers. “From servicing the membership to making sure that the employers followed the contract, and being in negotiations to make the contract better, I really enjoyed it all. I liked helping people and making sure that they knew the union was there to step up to help them out.”Chris retires

Rasmussen says he was lucky to have been trained by the best—Herman Howell and Jesse Baptista. “I’ll miss the daily routine, but I plan to remain busy with the union,” Rasmussen says. “I just have to say, ‘Thank god for the pension’” he adds proudly.
[Originally Printed in the Sparkplug, Feb-March 2014]

Machinists Union Ratifies United Contract But Says US Airways Drags Its Feet

The International Association of Machinists is applauding a new deal covering 28,000 workers at United Airlines, but says it cannot seem to make any headway on two US Airways contracts.

The United deal runs through 2016 and covers fleet service workers, agents, and others. It provides wage boosts between 19% and 56% over the life of the contract, including immediate increases between 7% and 29%, the IAM said. With about 65% of eligible members voting, the contract won approval in excess of 70%, the union said.

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