FAQ about Organizing

Frequently Asked Questions &
Common Misconceptions about Unions

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The place where I work needs a Union, where do we start?
First thing you should do is contact an Organizer at 925-323-5919 or by email at gallagher1584@gmail.com. Then they will inform you about the best next steps to take in getting union in at the place where you work.

Who runs the Union?
The Machinists Union is democratic organization that is run by and for the members. Your employer would like to make you think that Union is a third-party or a group of outsiders. However, a Union is a group of workers who stand together to bargain with their bosses for better pay, safer benefits and decent benefits. The workers themselves are the Union.

Do we still need unions today?
We need Unions today more than ever. Unions protect workers from unreasonable firings based on a “just cause” provision that is negotiated and included in a collective-bargaining agreement. Additionally, the restructuring of U.S. industries and the creation of bad global trade deals has resulted in the reemergence of sweatshops. Without unions, workers are vulnerable to low wages, long hours, and unsafe conditions. Essentially, Unions strive to not only help their own members, but fight to raise the standards in the industry for all workers.

Don’t Unions Create a Division in the Shop?
If you have a good relationship with your supervisor that is great. Unionizing is not about creating an antagonistic relationship on the shop floor. It is about creating balance and fairness in the workplace.
Unions provide workers with a democratic voice at work. We want businesses to work smoothly and make a profit, but we demand that Fairness, Safety and Respect be at the core of any workplace.

People say you just want our dues money. Is that true?
100% false. In order to understand what a union is takes time. A union is a group of people who band together to speak with one strong voice to improve wages, benefits and working conditions of the people they represent. A union is all of us. Yes, it takes money to get the kind of representation needed to combat the actions of employers, but it is a very small price to pay to have a voice in your future. Would we like to have more members? Sure, because there is strength in numbers.

Won’t the Union Force us on Strike?
False. A Strike is only decided by the workers themselves. For a strike to happen in this organization, two (2) strike votes are required and must be approved by a 2/3 majority before any strike or work stoppage occurs. All in all, strikes are a rarity.

What Have Unions Done for Us?