IAM Retiree Revisits Normandy for 70th Anniversary of D-Day

The 70th anniversary of D-Day saw hundreds of aging D-Day vets return to Normandy France to honor the sacrifices they and their brothers made as the “Greatest Generation” launched the invasion of Hitler’s Europe that resulted in the defeat of Nazi Germany less than a year later.

IAM Retiree Coordinator Joe Reilly jumped into France with the 101st airborne a few hours before the landing boats hit the beaches. The paratroopers were tasked with securing strategic objectives behind German lines.

NBC’s Brian Williams interviews Reilly and three other D-Day vets for a fascinating account of their experiences during the invasion and their trip back to Normandy for the anniversary. Some, including Joe, were returning to Normandy for the very first time. Many others have been back before. First time back or not, nearly all acknowledge the likelihood that it would probably be their last.

NBC News - Journey to Normandy