• Are you fed-up of not getting regular/scheduled wage increases?
  • Are you sick of favoritism, not having your seniority recognized or not having access to fair ways to advance in job classification?
  • Do you feel that Safety Concerns at work just go ignored or unresolved?
  • Do you think your boss is violating your rights or labor law, but shows you the door when you question their practices?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions…

IAM logoThe Machinists Union can help you!

Contact a Machinists Union Representative today!
Call/Text: (925) 323-5919 or email:
International Association of Machinists Local 1584,
436 McCormick St. San Leandro, CA 94577



Your right to form a Union at your workplace and improve your working conditions is protected by FEDERAL LAW. National Labor Relations Act of 1935 Sec. 7. [§ 157.

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