Local 1584 Organizing Committee Gives Back to the Community

Local 1584 Organizing Committee Gives Back to

the Community

Group RTO

Local 1584’s organizing committee partnered with Rebuilding Together Oakland on April 19 to help fix up the home of an elderly Oakland resident. Along with other community groups, 12 IAM members did something very special for a fellow community member.

Since 1993, Rebuilding Together Oakland (RTO) has worked with volunteers to rehabilitate homes and non-profit facilities that serve low-income members of the community. Similar to Habitat for Humanity, RTO helps needy families with their homes. But rather than building homes from scratch, RTO and its volunteers remodel homes so people can remain in them and live independently.

President Al Turner puts up the final board

President Al Turner puts up the final board

On this Saturday morning, the Local 1584 team headed out to North Oakland to help an elderly woman who was still living in the house she grew up in. Over the years, the home had fallen into dis- repair. The garage had collapsed, the fence had fall- en and the house needed a new coat of paint. With few resources and no one to assist her, she turned to Rebuilding Together Oakland.

Although the task was huge, the volunteers jumped head first into completing multiple projects. Local 1584 members were given the task of clearing the debris from the dilapidated fence and installing a brand new one. Not wasting any time, our brothers quickly mapped out the fence and boards started flying up. By lunchtime, the work- site managers were impressed by the skill and organization that the union members used in tack- ling the job. By day’s end, the new fence was built and many other improvements were completed on this sweet lady’s home, giving the exterior a complete makeover. Throughout the day, the Local 1584 group laughed, joked, worked hard and did some- thing amazing. Secretary Treasurer Michael Mel- low put it best when he said “it was all worth it to see the amount of gratitude that the woman expressed when we finished.” This sentiment echoed throughout the whole team. The only question everyone kept on asking was “when is the next time we can do this again?”

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