Members Update!

Local 1584 Member Receives 65 Year Pin!

On December 2nd, Raymond Enos received an award for 65 years of membership in the RAYMOND ENOSMachinists Union. At age sixteen, Enos originally initiated into the Union while working at Friden Calculator in San Leandro, CA.   After working at this plant for a little while, he moved on to pursue other career opportunities.

In 1949, Raymond reinstated back into the Machinists Union. Working during the golden era of Union Machine and Manufacturing in the Bay Area, Enos spent the rest of his career in IAM shops throughout the region. During this time, he worked at United Engine, Monadnock Mills and CT Supply, which later became Crown Cork & Seal. It is at Crown Cork & Seal, where Enos worked for over 30 years before retiring in July of 2000.

Over the last 65 years, Raymond has been the sterling example of a proud and dedicated Union member. Even though Enos has been retired for fourteen years, he still embodies the Fighting Machinist spirit just as he did while working in the shop. Andrea Gorman mentioned that “he has been such a good mentor to everyone.”

When he was asked “what was the best thing about being in the Union?” Enos replied that “there are so many good things” that he could say about being union.  “The Union always backed me 100% and today I am living the life of Luxury thanks to the great people I worked with and good stewards we had in the shop.” He concluded that “I can’t understand anyone that would not be union nowadays.”

 Local 1584 Celebrates 25th Annual Veterans Luncheon

LL 1584 25th Annual Awards

Front row: (Left to Right) Mario Vigo from Ashlock-15 year pin; Robert Moffatt retired Business Representative-55 year pin; Jompeng Inprasueth from Verifo-15 year pin; Raymond Enos retired from Crown Cork & Seal-65 year pin. Back Row: (Left to Right) Manuel Mendoza retired from Pacific Pipe-45 year pin; Francisco Navarro from Veriflo-20 year pin; Frank Santos Jr accepting his father’s (Frank Santos Sr.) 50 year pin, who retired from National Can, but has since passed away; and Donnie Ellis from Veriflo-15 year pin.